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For two years, Sabine te Braake and I went out every week to interview and portray inhabitants of Eindhoven with an international background. This resulted in a total of 104 portraits, in which an enormous amount of information and research material emerged about the daily reality of the life of internationals in Eindhoven; whether they came for love, work or whether they were forced to flee to Eindhoven; and whether or not they eventually stayed in Eindhoven. All these stories have been a great mirror for us. We have learned a lot about ourselves as Dutch citizens, as Eindhoven residents and as white women. It has become very clear to us what the value is of - and how privileged we are with- our Dutch passport.


In September 2019, in collaboration with the Van Abbemuseum, we organized a catwalk for UrArt where a mix of these Eindhoven residents could show and hear themselves through the museum. Our goal was to show that THE Eindhoven-resident does not exist and that all these people who are so diverse themselves, are ALL Eindhoven residents.

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