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Mensen van Woensel-West

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Through the reflection on my own living environment my camera offers me, I saw in which bubble I lived, and I concluded from this that I had to move to a more diverse neighborhood where my child can grow up with all kinds of different people. I participated in the placement project of landlord organization Trudo, and in addition to a house in Woensel West I received a rental discount in exchange for dance lessons for children in the neighborhood. My interest in the people around; allowing everyone to fully be themselves and show these different faces, made me go out again and start with a new series of portraits of neighbors. I was able to start this project with an injection of Cultuur Eindhoven, but after portraying a number of people, I found out that I met the people who were already within my network. I started this project with the intention to meet everyone, but got stuck with people who look at the neighborhood from the same perspective. Through conversations with gentrification experts, I discovered that I myself am part of the problem. Now I am investigating how I can continue with this project in a different way or let it be just this.

The start of this series is funded by Cultuur Eindhoven. To keep track of the developments of this project and an overview of the entire series, visit the Mensen van Woensel-West Instagram page

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