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Melting Heart

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Poetic ode to the glacier

Climate change is a difficult concept because it is not immediately visible to everyone. That is why "seeing with your own eyes'' is essential. For a few years now I have been going to the Aletsch area in the Swiss Alps; to the largest glacier in Europe. Due to global warming, this glacier is melting so quickly that it will disappear in 70 years. This glacier is also our drinking water supply. So this has major consequences not only for the area itself, but also for the people and everything connected with it up to where the rivers flow into the sea. Every year I go to the glacier to see with my own eyes how quickly this process takes place and capture it on camera. To me, seeing and experiencing the impact means: noticing that the place where you can go on the glacier is constantly moving and experiencing first-hand that it becomes more dangerous to go under and on it. In this place, I transform the conceptual into a real image. In this I capture the relationship between people and nature, and the impact and grandeur of the natural environment; a poetic ode and a way to mourn about this loss. 

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