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Beyond your prejudices

After the two-year series of internationals, I wanted to tell about Eindhoven residents from different backgrounds. The ones I film tell about the favorite object in their life; something that means a lot to them. The object is only the reason to start the conversation, but the conversation quickly deepens; after five minutes you get to the real stories that matter.

The objects themselves are on pillars next to the film (it is an installation). Your brain wants to get started right away to link the objects to the people and their story. This is just not possible, because the reference to the objects has not become the main topic of the conversation. You are forced and triggered to override initial tendencies to connect and pigeonhole people. This will automatically make you listen to the stories. The installation could be seen in the Van Abbe Museum, during the Eindhoven Film Festival, and will be exhibited more often, so that there is even more opportunity to see and experience this film.

This film was made with the help of Cultuur Eindhoven.

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