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When I graduated from art school in 2005, the photography artworks I made were mainly without people and if they contained people in it, they were props, actors or stand-ins. This all changed when my son was born, having this lovely human being so close made it a lot easier for me to portray a human. By taking pictures of him, I got more confident and also made some of my friends. I realized that I could give people something back, something they couldn't see of themselves, I could add value to their self confidence and show them their inner strength and beauty. ​

The portraits I make on commission carry the same value and can be made both on location and in the studio. I can also take the studio with me on location. Besides portraits I also shoot settings, products, weddings, atmosphere and events. Feel free to contact me for the possibilities and prices.

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Diewke van den Heuvel Photography


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