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Playful Constructions

All my life I have been fascinated by objects from the toy store. Even before the Art Academy, from which I graduated in 2005, I regularly went to the toy store to get things that I placed in settings or nature. I wonder what else the objects could be / become. The potential and the other meaning that I can give to the objects in images and the relationship to reality, such as gravity, is an endless source of inspiration for new work. Playing with these elements and reconstructing them into other meanings has kept me busy as long as I have been an image maker. It is the way in which I can convert the ideas in my head into images; this allows me to respond to social questions that concern me.

Prints for Sale

Send me an email to buy one of my limited sculpture prints. All will be printed on UltraChrome Satin Paper in an edition of five:

A4 size: €75,-

A3 size: €110,-

A2 size: €155,-

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